Octokats Song List and Audio Tracks

Written by: Octokats

Hi Fans: 

While we have not yet produced  our first CD, we invite you to listen to some of our audio tracks we made during our rehearsal sessions.  We hope these tracks will provide you with not only listening pleasure, but to give you an idea of the musical styles of West Coast Jazz…the very essence of Cool Jazz.  If you like what you hear, please contact us and let us know.  And if you like us even more, we’d be more than happy to play for your venue.  Simply click on the “Contact Us” tab and fill out the necessary information.  We’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes.

Sarang Kulkarni (Band Leader)


  1. Wow! Toronto finally has a true source of distilled cool. Thanks Sarang and and the Octokats!

  2. Hi Sarang:
    Sounds like you are really in the groove with these tunes. Looking forward to hearing the band live. Keep me posted on your event schedule.

    • admin

      Hi Wayne: It is indeed a pleasure to hear from you. The rehearsal tracks you listened to were just that. I used a basic mp3 recorder. If you like, I can send you a link to our radio show we did for Jazz FM 91.1 just last February. In it, we featured 6 tracks that were recorded properly and mixed, etc, in a studio and the feedback we got was just fantastic! Just let me know and I’ll happily send you the mp3.


  3. Santan De Mello

    It was a pleasure meeting you last night ( 11/02) I am listening to your tracks . Please send me a link to the radio show you did for Jazz 91.1. Thanks.

    You and your Band sound great. Wishing you great success !!!


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